June 23, 2020


Too many products in the aisles can make it confusing to even know where to begin with a skincare routine. I started my line with 3 key products. A concise skincare edit. All you need.

Simple. Effective. Non-toxic. Organic.

1 - SERUM - Use after washing. Serums provide more concentrated actives than lotions or oils and penetrate more effectively on cleansed skin

2 - EYE CREAM - Pat gently under eye. With an ocean based retinoid, Retouch Eye Cream is an effective wrinkle fighter.  Remember to apply sunscreen to areas with retinol before going outside.

3 - FACIAL OIL- Rosehip, argan and sea buckthorn oils to smooth fine lines and hydrate dry skin. Perfect for the winter weather!

Skincare is a marathon, not a sprint. Don't expect results overnight. Use products on a continuous basis for a full skin cycle (4-5 weeks) to see any effects.